Corona and a Mid-Life Crisis

He picked up his photo albums, bags of M&M, and clips to tie his extra hair with, in a burlap sack. The week hadn’t treated him well, and he had cultivated zero hopes, or expectations to groom or be groomed. His life seemed like an elaborate Broadway-play, where all the people had slipped into the night sky, and the colors had set into a dull spotlights onto him. But, you know, there wasn’t any music, and he didn’t have a lot of characters. But the silence was a heroic peace.

The season hadn’t done him so well either. There is always a bitter realization, or stranger recognition that implodes into pitch black once you try to reach for it, maybe assuage your feelings so it can all be a straight beam of light that splits into a seven-tone collage of everything. He was a hole sucking air inside, and transferring it into a shadowed sentence, that vibrated in mysterious ways. Time propagated right thru him.

The overcoat he draped over his shoulder, turned shy on his arms, and touched ground. Someone paid him a hello, he okayed the hello and walked into the alley, humming a robotic rust. As he crashed into another person, his mind descended from the stairwell of his thoughts, and the person, from Liechtenstein, questioned him about his walk here, his death, and birth, if he had one, also other things at the middle of his height. But what do you say to a man who’s lost his maturity, and he’s found no truth? And what does he say? He couldn’t search for an answer at the bottom of his shallow heart, so he said “Fuck off”. Thinking, biting his tongue, abiding by his ache, and walking off into a promised tomorrow.

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It's all a matter of rust and shine, to serve a distinction between to have and to have not.

25 thoughts on “Corona and a Mid-Life Crisis”

      1. Whoa Watt, definitely a compliment โ˜บ
        I wouldn’t have picked it anyway, as you have obviously put your own unique spin on it, and it’s amazing!

        As an aside…is that Corona, Italy…or the beer? I like the beer, have never been to Italy. ๐Ÿ˜

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  1. I’m liking your new stuff it’s interesting…. I can visualise him centre stage as yoi described. Lovely description about his life being a Broadway play and the people slipping into the night sky leaving him alone and exposed… yet him welcoming the peace and an end to drama. Is that M&Ms the sweets? I am way too addicted to chocolate.

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    1. You have no idea how much that means to me. Yup, it’s M&M’s the sweet. I thought it would be fun to create a character that represented the mood that September resembles to me.

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  2. So much life around that wooden chest… and now it is gone! I feel sad. He will be lost for a while. No wonder he can’t answer the rambling knight from Lichtenstein with anything but a big ol’ F off. Maybe the M&M’s will put him in a better mood… with some nostalgic tears over his photo albums. I do love M&M’s. And those last lines of your piece.

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  3. You have captured the grimy and barely concealed contempt of this character, whoโ€™s dreams of grandeur and loftiness are replaced by the more lowly pursuit of getting through the day with a beer, a grimy bar to match his persona, and some coloured candy to cheer him. The period of hopefulness has gone and the new season of his life has long shadows. So many brilliant lines in this. I can nearly see the rust from his robotic hum, accumulating in the nicotine stained rims of his fingernails.

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  4. I thankful for the changing of seasons in our lives. I’m reminded of them as I read this. Time for death, Time for Newness of life, Time for a falling away of things that no longer serve us as they once did. Then the blessed summer, sun so hot it will burn the dross right out of our words. Like beating the soul. I felt all of this as I read this! I love it!


  5. “But what do you say to a man whoโ€™s lost his maturity, and heโ€™s found no truth?” Could it be as simple as the truth that he’s found is that he’s found no truth? Ah grasshopper… ๐Ÿ˜› Two in a row, Watt – love this! Life’s gorgeous stages are the same for all of us, but the acts that we play out on those stages all have our distinct, precious personal touches which we create whether or not we want to – nuances that glisten like diamonds that the whole world should be privy to view, because we are all extraordinary, even when ordinary. I am SO digging your work today. It’s been too long since I’ve had the chance.

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    1. Oh, thank you so much! This whole month I’ve writing a character. The first three have been introductory, this being the last chapter in that category, the following ones brewed more deeply, I think. Or at least that was my intention.


      1. Well, as I said, loved them. Reading your characters description about self and life, felt like reading a 60s crime novel, although that might not have been your intention, but it was captivating and fun just the same.


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