Mid-Most Day

A hundred paper lamps were floating across the river as the sun was going down, scorching everything in moody orange. Jim touched the strips of sunset colors with his cheek, in shiny, shiny leather, and gazed at the magnetic plunges of serial suits and ties, boxer shorts, and bright shirts rolled up. The tender September [...]


Underneath the soaring sky, the Svengali above making sure that his baby earth remains, rumoured to kiss an apocalypse soon with its body writhing in polluted hotness. The Svengali hanging earth high on a rocky noose in his garden of intergalactic quackery. The hospital downward on the bones of earth, released Jim into an ironically [...]

Imperfect World

“I'll follow you with my fascinated mind into this trip to darkness, and I promise to make sure you glimmer like a night in Budapest, as I collide with the dramas of harvesting my melancholy and searching for happiness. Are you ready? Before we go, remember to warm your heart, and balloon past the mountainous [...]

Iconic Soul

Thoughts are surging inward the mind, and outward the eye, meeting the grey waterfront. And the sun is veiled in pebbled blobs of clouds, which raises, by hand, a mindset that travels on painted walls, and tightens within you, but in blackness. Tightens, still. You search for the escape, from the electric theater of human [...]

There is a Place for You

Today, I settled by the verge of the bed, searching for a resolution or any new substance to the poems that had been scribbled on dry fresh-wipes, and stored in a box with a roll of sheets containing old handwritings of literature tucked beside, held in the clutch of a friendship band that colorfully wriggles. [...]


Here lay violets in a hawk-face celebration that gawks out of my window. An assurance lay nearby, 'Everything's going to be alright' And I headed out with a crescent-shaped smile, and a gorge in my eyes, to collect the blaze of lips shutter in a rose-colored brain. All the burning idleness, recalled in passionate wind. [...]


"There’s a fountainhead inside of my mouth, and all the times words break loose, my mind rambles thru the wildness of this world. I travel thru dimensions engraved in cemeteries and embedded in our embryonic beginnings, but that’s only an explanation. I have no real cause, I have only a dream. And much of what [...]

Create Dangerously

Space is this tiny interlude, between the choices, and the love-threads. But somehow, somewhere along these misty aeons, you create dangerously meaning that can substantiate your shadow and transform it into a dream, that you can change, and that you might never have to run away from, simply chase till other turns. And thru the [...]

Falling thru time

"I make my world close, I put the sign up on the door and rest myself there as I pull threads until I unravel. I make myself smaller until I am invisible within it, even to myself, and I am happy here, with no-one and nothing. I feel desperate for the solace and I curl [...]

Heavy-Metal Hour

He gawked at the world’s obvious history…. Something revolutionary, something vintage, something Incan too…. And he came to realize that there is time to come. There are days away from the spoils of his own history, which involve too many things that he couldn’t fix or make better… And he thought that he was fine, [...]

To wander thru alleys

Alright, you caught yourself burnt amid the dark---- And life didn’t promise anything… The floods of shouts teethed at your chest---right when you were hiding behind your hair--- and calling out the depictions of daylight in a barred dimness. On a dark night, you rose tumbling at the figures of fame and the darkness crashed [...]

Everything Forever

Sometimes, you just have to move.Even if it frizzes your hairIf it frazzles your body,But it excites your soul,And it fizzes your hours,It beats your exasperation into cheers,And you are freed into polished arms while your feet sweep the creaky wood. Then you laugh, amid and atop the dance of bright lights. That's just what [...]

Parting Words, Shattered Worlds

The sunset is dead, oceans are crying, the sky is vicious in red, people are lying. Life is sickeningly beautifulAnd beautifully slick With the blood of the dawnThat comes much too quick You walk as you yell, Left alleged of a purple dream The stars and the wind widen a void To pull in the morning and night, [...]

Somebody Tonight

The avenue sleeps as the neon flames thru the marquee hung above the bars. The chanteuse sings a tune in her acoord. And you lay your head on the marbled counter, musing at midnight an angry poem, vanishing in the cobwebs of your thoughts, while your mood withers in the pattern of ironic changes. Your [...]


I stepped out of the hospital towards the cold breeze and the grey sky. The fluorescent lights of the stores smashed against their utility, which was decimated to none because I had nothing to ask for. The blankness amazed me, I was swept off to the alleys, behind crypts, walking the boardwalks, lines, toward the [...]

Endless Catches in a Hundred Arrows

"My feelings are a stage, and the actors loan me an ashen daze, to which I must comfortably submit, I must conveniently pay. There is no sole liberation, there is only a constancy to which I comply, for it might be wrong to be the believer that may rue the morgue of actual rightness. I [...]


The bells toll proudly, thru the way in which a street is hazed, flagged with fables, salted from grace. I travel, celebrating the minutes of light, and as I widen my revelations to dress the horizons, as I drive, I spark a bevy of memories, of faults, of cheers, of yesterday, and towards the secrets [...]

Visions Off The Wall

The mighty minute of the leisured blue world, as I walk to explore, there ascends a broader highway, the planks build nearby, with three men lining its balcony and singing "What do you do wrong?" Shadows seal the key passage, it is the end of the line, it is a judgement to which I can't [...]

I like the way that the world is a little older.

Slaughtered, wired, weary under the cover of stressful notions and truth. Awkward seconds led to a bummer, happy hours to a happy summer. Yet I miss all the sights, mountains, and the long drives, bars of pleasantries, birds in canopied trees, trenched bridging the light that dwindle, fluctuate between nighttime, daylight, icing sugar on the [...]

Polaroid Gravity

With the rumors of ideas and delusions being exchanged in my specimen mind, I lulled myself to a sleep of pastel pastures intercut with red holes and bright lights. I was in another place, a worse world. I was on a map, but long I stood not in familiarity but amid assortments of stranger settings, [...]

Ululating Passage

I suppose everything on earth has an extraterrestrial meaning. To leave, first you have to stay. And to say it's never too late, you have to be right here.  Life, a free fire, freewheeling I, gambling doors of a home in the dark night, barefoot roaring through the glisten of bright lights, with the premier of escaping circling [...]

Opening Sequence: Eternity…

I hope someday that I will possess the world and I hope when the time is right, I will forget it. Secrets dawn upon the day and turn around the screws and spiral of the night, they keep me tied to a rock, and I can’t find the way to lead me out of the [...]

Keep Making Me Guffaw

"It has happened before, I have done it again. All the bars come crashing down, the sky ascends up the straits thru which ropes of vine spiral and screw. And I watched, I looked, and eyed and smiled all over the faces. I'm resting in my mistakes, running wayward in the waterways and blades and [...]

Happy Little Day

Through and through a thousand splendid stars up an up, up in flames. And a million nights align across the hollowed sky, the ceilings crush slowly inward the decor of the room. The room of the house of the color blue, in the streets of Basque tongues in the hollering mouths, the city of mythical [...]

Baskets of Prospects

Doors open and doors closes. Everyone is in a room, I’m out in the hallway. Watching and wriggling with shades of green on postcards, nestled in a cradle, inappropriately placed in the corridors. Time drives by and I age a year each day. O, all the time we scurried to places, on the inside we [...]

Screwery Brewery

To trap his breath, then give, gave up before birth at the kingdom and the clan, impossible truth, he was inside a day, he was inside but now he's collecting outward at the edges, the hundredth night of the year is always distant, its the last good night, last day that is okay, he's hunched [...]


I have a recurring reverie that is most prominently being expanded in my imagination, its like the set of a movie that occupies all the studio lots from California till eternity. I meet passion, its a lip that is painted a greenish blue, it's breath smells like lavenders and Robitussin, and it speaks in a [...]

Terraces Love You

Out on a lone, near the shoreline, circling trash cans, behind the ancient galleries, the racing mind cradled in the photographs of yesterday, the aspirations of today, and the heavy hope sailing for tomorrow. Hung in the deep current, prickled in the flesh, with furious eyes coloring the room, opining that the woods are upon [...]


And to be where, a place, somewhere or someplacePressed against the sugarcoat of greatness, on its slim chest Wanting to be fresh, wanting to be there in regular frequencies And to clench the study, light up the reason and smile at treasonAnd breathe the swollen air.  Five stories high on schools and vows, And the daytime is now [...]

Get Idle

"What do I want to promise to the world? A paragraph, the wordy wonder of blocks, fonts, artful normalcy, reliability, expectations, and sheer heroism to begin the new years. Maybe the world can promise to me a little quiet, a little assurance, a few role models, some days that I feel like crying out of [...]

Beckett in the Flicker of a Crying Cigarette

I quit…Up in flames...I'm gone, I'm done, I'm enough... I know things here and now that I never suspected yesterday. Another mystery stacks oddly on my head and I grieve the sunrise as I wake up to the flame dragging and winding vividly across the sky. I can’t envision a design for days, not a [...]

Aftermath, Backwash

The sky is of sapphire ice drops, the crowd is worriedAll the things I have, I have in the bruised memory,I ought not hurry to the ride, to the raining sunshine,But as time goes by, I hit and run the mountain and azures, In the pale fire, the grinning moonlight, and settle on a journey. 

Water Catches your Eyes

Quiet is an impossibility. Staying calm remains a perception, and not a perpetual possibility in the middle of a final land. ................................................................ .......................................................... Turning slowly, rusting in a white mist. Drowning in the bluesy trail of the panorama. In the arms of barbaric death, the shores speaking to me in spineless decay. Past canyons and [...]


Stretched across the seascape, a faint smell of mystery. I was home during an afternoon of blinding rain, the rooms cluttered with sprinkles of croutons, anthologies of despondence wed novels, and the synthetic mist of French perfume. I had saturated my Pepsi with apricot juice. Everything seemed to be under the spell of a forgiving [...]


"Help, I have found myself lost again. I am lurking and I am needy of goodness, help and presence. I’m alone above a folded cave, in the redly lit backdrop that I call the sunset. I feel breathless. And I wrap myself in the easy comfort of the trodden dirt of the desert, its coarse [...]

Agony Fiend

"And I will never speak again. Under the oath and influence of a strong McGinley epiphany and the sounds of ululating wind in the middle of the canopied trees, I can’t survive stilly. The world is bendy and twisty and sick and murky while I’m restless, I’m reckless, in a state of pensive impersonation. And [...]

Thought Row

I think it was an archaic Portuguese map that led me to to the opening sequences of eternity, that’s what I tell myself anyway. I have the triggering capacity to choose what I need to be closer to. The Swiss people dive into azures and dance around me, the ultramarine finish and I’m finally freed, [...]

Time to go Home

The sadness sets in stone,and in pebbled flings of hands, ripples the water. My gaze meets each inch and and travels upward the sky, where the clouds are melting and gurgling like white lightning, and come mistily down to screen the darkness. It's draped in white. And my exploration trembles behind, arms begin spacing, knees [...]


Off the western edge of his bed, there were boxes of broken light bulbs, and tapes binding teary fronts of books. And burnt pages were settled snugly into the air particles that scattered at the beat of a hand. Face in, and tongue out, he hollowed the vessels in his eyes to be a screen [...]


Lights wavered on his skin from the projection of a movie, as he sat with his friend in the room that handled all those functions, so people could watch the dysfunction. He had decided to recline in a life, which would decline at the pace of communication between a face and another, drawing the shutter [...]

Cruel World

Looking back, it seemed surreal that he had lost everything in a state of mind. People always leave, they live like they’re leaving, and if he can’t do it, then they do it better. He stretched his arms into the secrets of eternity, and in the unreasonable, uncomfortable standstill confessed to himself what he had [...]

Sleep in Circles

Fading in, he hadn’t known much about the ring that bound him to existence with a promise that now he hadn’t memory of following. Recalling, and Xeroxing his steps, he couldn’t trace his fall, seismic fears quaked his legs to a sprawl, he couldn’t find the energy to even crawl to the edge, and to [...]