Gawk Back

"I feel that I've lived in a lonely shadow that has echoed across my thrills, resounding and reverberating to a zero whenever it wished. There's been laughter, nights that grew faster, days that have clung on till my haircuts, and I'm headed a way that leads me to more. Sadness is fastened to my mind, [...]

High Noon

He carried thru the day shuffling vigilant eyes thru the center stage of the sky where the sun wiggles in between the tip of clouds to set and end the day. The traffic unzipped on the road and paved way, so he could drag his bones in their pulsating skin to his destination. He studied [...]

Fever Toast

The water broke in past the walls, And smashed onto the table tops, drowning flowers and shattering vases, And as your eyes hid behind your parted fingers, curling into the corners of your couch, Fetal and grey, lonely with static sounds in your flooded ear. The matchboxes descended from atop the fridge,And the calendars hanging [...]

Time to go Home

The sadness sets in stone,and in pebbled flings of hands, ripples the water. My gaze meets each inch and and travels upward the sky, where the clouds are melting and gurgling like white lightning, and coming mistily down to screen the darkness. It's draped in white. And my exploration trembles behind, arms begin spacing, knees [...]

Mid-Most Day

A hundred paper lamps were floating across the river as the sun was going down, scorching everything in moody orange. Jim touched the strips of sunset colors with his cheek, in shiny, shiny leather, and gazed at the magnetic plunges of serial suits and ties, boxer shorts, and bright shirts rolled up. The tender September [...]


Off the western edge of his bed, there were boxes of broken light bulbs, and tapes binding teary fronts of books. And burnt pages were settled snugly into the air particles that scattered at the beat of a hand. Face in, and tongue out, he hollowed the vessels in his eyes to be a screen [...]


Lights wavered on his skin from the projection of a movie, as he sat with his friend in the room that handled all those functions, so people could watch the dysfunction. He had decided to recline in a life, which would decline at the pace of communication between a face and another, drawing the shutter [...]