Happy Little Day

Through and through a thousand splendid stars up an up, up in flames. And a million nights align across the hollowed sky, the ceilings crush slowly inward the decor of the room. The room of the house of the color blue, in the streets of Basque tongues in the hollering mouths, the city of mythical complications stretched slowly after the effervescence of the morning street scene.

Because I’m wandering lost towards the tomb of inner freedom, because I tried a judgement before the law that was flawed wherever I would fail. All that is true is truth, all that is unknown is a star trail apart. And I’ll be right here.

If there is no godly creature, the rocks are scattered in the glow of great sunshine, in the escape of black seasons, in the madness of young dreams, of beating hearts, of barbed veins of twisty, dusky afternoons draped by the dress of clouds. The crystal panes of windows bound in Spanish wood show a hundred years of cold smiles. Over here, the dim paradise of the gifted present, a human being on the balcony can be seen humming because the whole happy mess of being is jazzed by a funk beauty dream.

The pebble white angel cloud’s sonnet is long-drawn-out athwart the mystic sky. The holes-in-the-wall have a lilac frost, outside there is a lilac breeze amidst a hyacinth mist that forms an alliance with the innocent menthol tree-of-life.  The pale blush of celestial mysticism is the essence of my dreams, in the quite refuge of still aqua. The burnished sun is dressed in ivied robes of flares. And I’m sailing on a boat, to my dream maker’s castle-in-the-sky.

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It's all a matter of rust and shine, to serve a distinction between to have and to have not.

24 thoughts on “Happy Little Day”

  1. Thank you, Watt. The eloquent flow of your
    words took me sailing back to Catalonia.
    After all the tourists have gone home to their
    apartments in the carbonated sky, and one
    can breath the celestial mysticism, & dream
    of jazzed up beauty. Life in a grand gothic funk.

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      1. No, but my No. 4 son went there recently.
        Took some amazing photos of Rainbow mountain.
        I’ve been to Mexico, since I have a Mexican
        daughter-in-law. But there for a Mayan style
        wedding, so didn’t do much sightseeing.
        Except for a Tequila tour of Yucatan, and
        Chichén Itzá.
        Been to Spain a couple of times. Planning
        to go back. From Australia, Europe is much
        closer than South America.

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  2. What I love about your writing is I always get a feeling right from the start and it carries throughout till the end. I have someone in my life that was accused of something they did not do and they were found no guilt, in fact the judge called it a pack of lies. I’ll never forget how his countenance lifted as he told me that he felt lighter and bounced out of the courtroom and out into the downtown area noticing all the flowers and colorful buildings. Like the truth really had set him free. He said he even started singing to himself. 🙂 I feel that type of feeling when I read this. I love the blue photo as well. So good, so good Watt. 🙂

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