Get Idle

"What do I want to promise to the world? A paragraph, the wordy wonder of blocks, fonts, artful normalcy, reliability, expectations, and sheer heroism to begin the new years. Maybe the world can promise to me a little quiet, a little assurance, a few role models, some days that I feel like crying out of [...]

Agony Fiend

"And I will never speak again. Under the oath and influence of a strong McGinley epiphany and the sounds of ululating wind in the middle of the canopied trees, I can’t survive stilly. The world is bendy and twisty and sick and murky while I’m restless, I’m reckless, in a state of pensive impersonation. And [...]

Waste Alchemy

Come, raise yourself up. It’s a darkened life, dead end time. Caught in the shadow of time past, my lenses darkly. Holding my head up high, to hunt for a glimpse of a light. It’s black and blue, its neon red, nothing that couldn’t beat the kiss of doubt In these hits, it feels like [...]