How Now

Never an honest world, never a promised tomorrow. Well, never mind. Upon a day, a while wherefore pain and company, it's brother dear, come silently. No eye of fate, this brain has gloomy fear, and this heart has hued bearing changing passions. Now I'm nothing, 1956. My own mind, the war. Angelic clothes full of [...]

When Life Imitates Harm

"I'm just smashed. Whatever happy moments I have are subtracted from my innermost feeling- my anxiety, my indecisiveness. I can't lead this life. It has instances where happiness flashes while the other times I'm just swimming with the tide but it turns the minute I catch the drift. Why can't the water just pick me [...]

Amidst a Dream

Impulse is always stronger and prouder than logic and people have wrote with it until they felt tired by the waves of wild wind running across the silent evenings, whistling and fading in and out of the remains of the performance and the stage of the weariness showed by the kings and the queens over [...]