"There’s a fountainhead inside of my mouth, and all the times words break loose, my mind rambles thru the wildness of this world. I travel thru dimensions engraved in cemeteries and embedded in our embryonic beginnings, but that’s only an explanation. I have no real cause, I have only a dream. And much of what [...]

Create Dangerously

Space is this tiny interlude, between the choices, and the love-threads. But somehow, somewhere along these misty aeons, you create dangerously meaning that can substantiate your shadow and transform it into a dream, that you can change, and that you might never have to run away from, simply chase till other turns. And thru the [...]

It’s Almost an Hour

In an existentialist surrender, he journeyed nakedly past night. The emotional weight of everything was recalled in the cartoonish reflections of his tilted head, balanced in his hands, while his skin began to lose feeling, sinking into the cavalcade of frosty wind blowing right beside him. “And there was youth, and there was wilderness, and [...]

Equinox Onward and On

The positioning was one of illusion and haven. And he hollowed his mind and inflated it with air, so his thoughts could circle blackly the sun and belt out words that would keep him in the stars. The ocean guzzled a ship in harbour, the nightshade was stuffed with soft rock songs, and the mood [...]

One Wedding Wrong

Don’t they break you when you’re done for in the closet that drowns you in your own heavy sighs?  Drag you to the table tops, cloak you with regret, and drink you till darkness, and it may too be gone tomorrow. May everyone walk away, aching your body and bottle your hair and cradled head [...]

Summertime Captivity

There you go, closing eyes on the road, anymore and any longer would break you apart but the wind in the palms, holding cigarettes at arm’s length away from the steering body in leather jacket you’re simply howling thru the night and driving away, looking in the mirror with some suspicion, with a vortex of [...]