Every time I Close my Eyes

Hold down the dawn,
I’m going back,
I’ve lost my escape,
I’ve forgotten to end my odds,
I’m unfinished. 
Hold back the sunrise,
I haven’t realized the elevated senses,
I’ve scattered things idle,
I’ve loved loose;
Found myself a million miles away, 
Touching fingers against pink mist,
Hovering above the horizon,
Wearing nothing but sunlight,
Which disappears as I drift further.
And all I know, all I learnt
Is what I remember; 
The last look, the weary world, and the blinding noise. 
And I couldn’t say too much because no one could hear. I am unfinished.

But off I go,
I bow my head before the starry sky,
Before midnight,
Before the dusky dawn.
And disappear into the howling infinity, in floundering views and wild blue…

Heavy-Metal Hour

He gawked at the world’s obvious history…. Something revolutionary, something vintage, something Incan too…. And he came to realize that there is time to come.

There are days away from the spoils of his own history, which involve too many things that he couldn’t fix or make better… And he thought that he was fine, that he was wasting living by rambling thru only what was true.

So he cultivated fields of dreams and fantasies whereat to unwind, to undo his belt, recline in his car, forget about his creations, and breathe…. It was in the open road. Still. Quiet. Tranquil…. Eternity sold for a dense pause in the woody clarity of a lonesome road.

In many ways, he begin to share his story in a language that is currently silent…. It is only a starlit whisper…. And so when people would call him, he would begin to pace the asphalt until the soles of his shoes were worn down…. He would promise a return to himself, a rest and release…. But then he would leave.

Then a day came, when he hiked thru his uncertainty of future and his disdain of past…. It wasn’t anything…. But he was someplace, and he didn’t hate to be there… It wasn’t the road or his home…. But it was a middle…. A mawkish wetness that overcame his body, and it freed his brain from a contemplation stretched forevermore….

But that was a dream, a death that was still in a passage that he was yet to undergo…. Consequently, he asked if this was it, in the end do we have to make peace with chaos… Accept meaning with a gun at the back of the head…. No God to answer, but he recognized that today or tomorrow can only be okay, until he changes… And he would have to be good one day at a time, and he would have to be good every day.

Angry Height

Once, you ran and again you followed what you left.
It’s your routine to look back,
To whistle moments that never happened,
That you consistently wished and hoped may happen,
But they never did and they never could,
Because the time in which they may have happened is gone.
And you never did what you dreamed you wanted to do.
This time, is only good for breathing.
You can’t abscond nothingness,
Every page you turned, every decision you rued, has tapered into a temple.

Take your regrets in a hydraulic embrace,
That clings and lingers onto your body in wounds and in scars,
Which possibly explains the shadows and meadows of your indecisiveness.
Your past explains your present,
And this is your problem—you weaved your past wrongly.
You need to be so much closer to the seasons,
Route your feet onto the highway,
Raise your chest, and wave your hands like woozy handles,
Wind down on the starry goodbye, gaze at the final jump.
So now, go to your desire. Be before the dawn.   

To wander thru alleys

Alright, you caught yourself burnt amid the dark—- And life didn’t promise anything…
The floods of shouts teethed at your chest—right when you were hiding behind your hair— and calling out the depictions of daylight in a barred dimness.
On a dark night, you rose tumbling at the figures of fame and the darkness crashed screaming—in mountainous treasures that way you tread— and wouldn’t be caught gleaming.
You dreamt of an escape—always the same—-cruising your body—wrapped in the coastal breeze—-running, running—-onward the balconies and laughing.
With white lightning and thunderous applause—receiving highly the summer daze–and you said you never wanted to be caught.
But that was just a persuasion from the fantasies that unwind today on the static of your electric buzz—the one that keeps hot your lushly lit love for the stage—in all the great phases that ravel onto new time, and habits—pride that couldn’t commit to your craze.
Then one day, you’ll bend backward in angelic clothes, ball your game to the top—-doe-eyeing heaven—while the hydrangeas glisten in gardens—closing your eyes and lulling you.
Rocking off the toppled floors, slowing down only for who could handle you—inflate you with hopes and answers—suntan, tie-dye short dress, hissing your remains—covering the sparkle in seams.
Nothing lasts forever——-nothing really matters—-nobody is infallible—-nobody indispensable—and that much you knew and more….

Dim Dark

Fabric grips the grinning body,
Sky soars above loosely,
Mind races towards another mind, in trials to collect, to adhere, and to be together.
Waves echo in weakening milieus,
Time fades into the ground,
Feet sink into the closing lip of memory’s kiss.
Life imitates harm.
Smiles collide, cries collapse in a menagerie of no movement
I keep I keep I keep. I keep still.

Awarded II

Thank you NZain for nominating me for the Sunshine Blogger award. From the subject matter of most of my work, I’m pretty sure its a little undeserved, but she is a most kind person who looks thru the cruel world. You should definitely see her blog to realize how bright a ray of sunshine she truly is.

I also thank Ash Douglas for nominating me for the same. He seems to be one hell of a guy with the youngest soul in the western hemisphere!!!

Here I go answering the questions:

  1. Why did I start blogging?

I’m not sure. But to maybe see the world in endless shades of talent and beauty that I fail to see with only two eyes, and to read the world newly in a soft flourish of thoughts stated by travelers and poets and writers of immense duty and grace.

  • 2. How do I want to be remembered when I die?

As a friend, as a good person and a lovable memory.

  • 3. Three books that every person should read?

I don’t know about should but I’d like for you to read:
1. Catch-22 by Joseph Heller
2. The Motorcycle Diaries by Che Guevara
3. Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson

  • 4. What is your favorite color?

More often than not, all humans are possessed by cliches; my favorite color is blue.

  • 5. What’s one thing from the past that you wish still existed?

Lana Del Rey’s long hair and jeans short skinny look (Ultraviolence era) 😎

  • 6. Do you have a habit you keep trying to break?

I would love to quit contemplating the merda out of everything and ending up downy.

  • 7. If you could switch gears trouble free into a new career, would you? If so, what would that career be?

I wouldn’t leave my job for anything, except maybe traveling. Definitely traveling.

  • 8. Other than your laptop or computer, what’s typically the second most important thing you have next to you when you write?

Lots of chocolates and a glass of Pepsi cola.

  • 9. Favorite board game past or present?

Chess, chess.

Now my questions-

  • What is one thing that separates you from all your screw ups, almost immediately?
  • How much do you love people? Other people, people that you believe are pieces of you?
  • Lastly, what would you call worse; a pulmonary embolism or an intracranial hematoma. The answer is pretty simple, in my opinion.

And my nominations!!!

Once again, thank you Ash and NZain. I cherish both of yours kindness very deeply. Have beautiful lives!!