Corona and a Mid-Life Crisis

He picked up his photo albums, bags of M&M, and clips to tie his extra hair with, in a burlap sack. The week hadn't treated him well, and he had cultivated zero hopes, or expectations to groom or be groomed. His life seemed like an elaborate Broadway-play, where all the people had slipped into the [...]

Cloudy Beard of The Sky

He never strayed from the day, until it set in stone, then he varied between racing toward his fridge, drowsily searching for Bacardi, or soaring on a table-top, barbaric arms unrolled atop its wooden chest. On days off, he wandered thru hallways, and rocked his mind to spill words, interrogated it, pushing it backward, staring [...]

Tell-Tale Opening

Today was meant to be okay, but off he went, abusing language, typing at a screen, tilling his head for words, tilting his fingernails to check if he had hidden any ideas under there. Why is he more a concept, and less a person, why is his time more of a chance, than a measurement [...]

Imperfect World

“I'll follow you with my fascinated mind into this trip to darkness, and I promise to make sure you glimmer like a night in Budapest, as I collide with the dramas of harvesting my melancholy and searching for happiness. Are you ready? Before we go, remember to warm your heart, and balloon past the mountainous [...]

Siren Popcorn

I reached a place, high-rise buildings, crowded roads, and the clanking of beer bottles in a bar for the footloose, neo-maturity that clicks tongues at the prick of a metallic bottle cap, bleed a little drip of body, suck it in like red-velvet smoothies, and dream the mystery of their next hour, and the following [...]

Iconic Soul

Thoughts are surging inward the mind, and outward the eye, meeting the grey waterfront. And the sun is veiled in pebbled blobs of clouds, which raises, by hand, a mindset that travels on painted walls, and tightens within you, but in blackness. Tightens, still. You search for the escape, from the electric theater of human [...]

Cross-Stitch Quilting

Fluorescent moon, and I'm on a glowing castle over hollowed park benches, gaping at the dull, red street signs that lapse between the distance of a burnt iron statute, over cobbled roads, and the bookstore wherein to purchase Fahrenheit 451 or Rilke's letters to a young poet, and to imagine a directive in all that, [...]