Unplugged grunge minute on TV.Electric seconds grizzling in the static stares. Manic hours at the Hawaiian harbors. "Maybe I should play the bawdy saloons in the black villages. Maybe Algerians are my true calling. Maybe morgues are my native habitat. Maybe I should stroll through Big Sur or an island" An occult moon, a spaceman tripping [...]

Surf Shop Singer

Those tender thickets of floral poetry, Printed on pulp pages, Which have something to do with your crashing feet, Something to do with the roaring beat, Are made of pebbles dressed in aquatic fauna, Echoing footsteps over dingy and hollow covers. Again, neap tide moon, neap tide beach day. Bad day at Black Rock. Into [...]

The Troop That Told Tell-Tales

Grey lady, her spaceman darling, and their blue flower child, falling over the darkened days of November, dancing circles around the cruel sphere, taking the second exit to Tijuana for it’s the psychedelic hours around the Hollywood Hills. They’ve got decorated foreheads, skin colors that were coming off, a poised recline, smoky fame smoking off [...]

Diamantes Rheidol

"I'm being bleak, probably because I'm falling out. Wait for the minute, wait for life. Just a little wake-up and then watery music. Okay, it’s all looking good now. For now, I don't feel like a leaf of marijuana drifting through Ljubljana. No brooding purposes, I'm as simple as I am asking for your distant [...]

Sunliner and Thunderbirds

On the Scattered Street… Here down on the polar tide, How the magic is in the now. The little shops with guns and shoes, And the saloons showing buzz cuts and bangs. It can all go mad and melt, When there’s nothing good to pause onto. For me, there was tarragon and chervil. Over cheese, [...]

Mistress Heroin

The actor out on the loan had earned himself a mistress from around the funeral grounds. Peyote was bedding the wildness of the soil on the day of blooming grief, budding in every casket, in the glisten of every colored iris and butterfly wings breaking at the hold of barefooted angels. All this and the [...]

Terror Starts in Otiose

The elephant of frost on the windows, honey looking out at the ice. Sitting down by the window, heart flooded with fire, honey looking out at the vastness of ice. Anna Livia Plurabelle. Gustav Klimt. Here comes everybody, waiting for midnight at the Hollywood Bowl. Cheerio, holidaymaker Keep a summer down with yellow vividness fizzing [...]