Lou Reed

“You're going to reap just what you sow,    You're going to reap just what you sow, You're going to reap just what you sow,    You're going to reap just what you sow...” TODAY Homeless and heavy with the bevy of faults, and heady with the pace of electric sessions to cure the homogenous [...]


Underneath earth could you find the clocks and calendars to bind you with day and raise a gazing laze for times that last minutes and last you forever. An apocalypse echoes in the moment, winnows in the sky. Lights beam across the border and where was my goodbye?

Severin Marina

“Open up to the leisure world of distinctive types. That’s how I feel, the place I’m going seems so full of exciting characters. Scandalous magazines and oceanic nights soothed by the plurality of the meantime, I’m free and I can’t feel nothing but the strange weather. After the bright victory and the bitter surf of [...]


Here's a world to which I like to sing along. All the pretty stars, the paradise art, sunny jazz, coca-cola, black beaches, Italian cinema, and capable poetry, stable poetry; Peruvian poetry! The whole world is in a cult, they beat the heart and they sing rivers. With feathers in their hair, they fall on watery [...]

An Exhibition of Trials

"Warnings take hell and high water. Eyes race to the sick of the stomach. All the losses I’ve started to watch, all the urges I’ve tried make me want to rush while I’m still alive off the blood. Meet me somewhere where the hearses go to heaven, in the twelfth hour of closing verve, in [...]

Tragic Magic

At the dawn’s premier light, ride up higher.With a Shanghai sunrise, come easy rider. It’s the black-and-white horizon that colors always misunderstand But it’s just the way that I am. Rowing my cool and holding your hand. It's the end of July, young lion, Did the oceanic wind catch your fire?Has the electric verse on the [...]

How Now

Never an honest world, never a promised tomorrow. Well, never mind. Upon a day, a while wherefore pain and company, it's brother dear, come silently. No eye of fate, this brain has gloomy fear, and this heart has hued bearing changing passions. Now I'm nothing, 1956. My own mind, the war. Angelic clothes full of [...]