Time to go Home

The sadness sets in stone,and in pebbled flings of hands, ripples the water. My gaze meets each inch and and travels upward the sky, where the clouds are melting and gurgling like white lightning, and come mistily down to screen the darkness. It's draped in white. And my exploration trembles behind, arms begin spacing, knees [...]


Off the western edge of his bed, there were boxes of broken light bulbs, and tapes binding teary fronts of books. And burnt pages were settled snugly into the air particles that scattered at the beat of a hand. Face in, and tongue out, he hollowed the vessels in his eyes to be a screen [...]


Lights wavered on his skin from the projection of a movie, as he sat with his friend in the room that handled all those functions, so people could watch the dysfunction. He had decided to recline in a life, which would decline at the pace of communication between a face and another, drawing the shutter [...]


Here lay violets in a hawk-face celebration that gawks out of my window. An assurance lay nearby, 'Everything's going to be alright' And I headed out with a crescent-shaped smile, and a gorge in my eyes, to collect the blaze of lips shutter in a rose-colored brain. All the burning idleness, recalled in passionate wind. [...]

One Wedding Wrong

Don’t they break you when you’re done for in the closet that drowns you in your own heavy sighs?  Drag you to the table tops, cloak you with regret, and drink you till darkness, and it may too be gone tomorrow. May everyone walk away, aching your body and bottle your hair and cradled head [...]


I stepped out of the hospital towards the cold breeze and the grey sky. The fluorescent lights of the stores smashed against their utility, which was decimated to none because I had nothing to ask for. The blankness amazed me, I was swept off to the alleys, behind crypts, walking the boardwalks, lines, toward the [...]