It’s Almost an Hour

In an existentialist surrender, he journeyed nakedly past night. The emotional weight of everything was recalled in the cartoonish reflections of his tilted head, balanced in his hands, while his skin began to lose feeling, sinking into the cavalcade of frosty wind blowing right beside him. “And there was youth, and there was wilderness, and [...]

Equinox Onward and On

The positioning was one of illusion and haven. And he hollowed his mind and inflated it with air, so his thoughts could circle blackly the sun and belt out words that would keep him in the stars. The ocean guzzled a ship in harbour, the nightshade was stuffed with soft rock songs, and the mood [...]

Summertime Captivity

There you go, closing eyes on the road, anymore and any longer would break you apart but the wind in the palms, holding cigarettes at arm’s length away from the steering body in leather jacket you’re simply howling thru the night and driving away, looking in the mirror with some suspicion, with a vortex of [...]

Wild Blue

The arms pain and they can’t stitch together minutes and hours, as seconds swing by. The sky has apocalyptic lips, and words echo against its burnished vigour. The emptiness of my room, is an oceanic inspiration to raise a spark that shivers and wails then comes down slowly, plunging apart into the unfurling chasm, and [...]

Falling thru time

"I make my world close, I put the sign up on the door and rest myself there as I pull threads until I unravel. I make myself smaller until I am invisible within it, even to myself, and I am happy here, with no-one and nothing. I feel desperate for the solace and I curl [...]

Open the Gaze

“It is always the worst possibility. Pieces of me know my truth, but my entirety is lost. I keep moving forward, and wish that another morning will bridge the gap between worlds, something that starkly stalks thru the handles of my latest mistakes. My bed devours me, I have no place to idealize, and at [...]