Every time I Close my Eyes

Hold down the dawn,I'm going back,I've lost my escape,I've forgotten to end my odds,I'm unfinished. Hold back the sunrise,I haven't realized the elevated senses,I've scattered things idle,I've loved loose;Found myself a million miles away, Touching fingers against pink mist,Hovering above the horizon,Wearing nothing but sunlight,Which disappears as I drift further.And all I know, all I learntIs what [...]

Heavy-Metal Hour

He gawked at the world’s obvious history…. Something revolutionary, something vintage, something Incan too…. And he came to realize that there is time to come. There are days away from the spoils of his own history, which involve too many things that he couldn’t fix or make better… And he thought that he was fine, [...]

Angry Height

Once, you ran and again you followed what you left. It’s your routine to look back, To whistle moments that never happened, That you consistently wished and hoped may happen, But they never did and they never could, Because the time in which they may have happened is gone. And you never did what you [...]

To wander thru alleys

Alright, you caught yourself burnt amid the dark---- And life didn’t promise anything… The floods of shouts teethed at your chest---right when you were hiding behind your hair--- and calling out the depictions of daylight in a barred dimness. On a dark night, you rose tumbling at the figures of fame and the darkness crashed [...]

Dim Dark

Fabric grips the grinning body, Sky soars above loosely, Mind races towards another mind, in trials to collect, to adhere, and to be together. Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah Waves echo in weakening milieus, Time fades into the ground, Feet sink into the closing lip of memory’s kiss. Life imitates harm. Smiles collide, cries collapse in a menagerie of [...]

Everything Forever

Sometimes, you just have to move.Even if it frizzes your hairIf it frazzles your body,But it excites your soul,And it fizzes your hours,It beats your exasperation into cheers,And you are freed into polished arms while your feet sweep the creaky wood. Then you laugh, amid and atop the dance of bright lights. That's just what [...]

With Dreams in Supernatural Ecstasy

Dark eyes muffled underneath scarfs notwithstanding,The shades of gloom blackening cherub heads and new aged nestsOf people that trip side terrapins towards the subterranean pacific,Wearing trenches to turn the tides and the oceanic waves,Into screwy oily brinks of passageways, that could make them glorious ready.A generation of relentless greed, degenerate dreams, cabling the system that [...]