With Dreams in Supernatural Ecstasy

Dark eyes muffled underneath scarfs notwithstanding,The shades of gloom blackening cherub heads and new aged nestsOf people that trip side terrapins towards the subterranean pacific,Wearing trenches to turn the tides and the oceanic waves,Into screwy oily brinks of passageways, that could make them glorious ready.A generation of relentless greed, degenerate dreams, cabling the system that [...]

Visions Off The Wall

The mighty minute of the leisured blue world, as I walk to explore, there ascends a broader highway, the planks build nearby, with three men lining its balcony and singing "What do you do wrong?" Shadows seal the key passage, it is the end of the line, it is a judgement to which I can't [...]

Keep Making Me Guffaw

"It has happened before, I have done it again. All the bars come crashing down, the sky ascends up the straits thru which ropes of vine spiral and screw. And I watched, I looked, and eyed and smiled all over the faces. I'm resting in my mistakes, running wayward in the waterways and blades and [...]