Unplugged grunge minute on TV.Electric seconds grizzling in the static stares. Manic hours at the Hawaiian harbors. "Maybe I should play the bawdy saloons in the black villages. Maybe Algerians are my true calling. Maybe morgues are my native habitat. Maybe I should stroll through Big Sur or an island" An occult moon, a spaceman tripping [...]

Thought Row

I think it was an archaic Portuguese map that led me to to the opening sequences of eternity, that’s what I tell myself anyway. I have the triggering capacity to choose what I need to be closer to. The Swiss people dive into azures and dance around me, the ultramarine finish and I’m finally freed, [...]


 What we have-what you had. Dark, dark grains in the crops of betrayal. A maudlin sensation worth all despise. The daytime shining, and a nighttime good for us. Absent as an adage. Severe, severe. Ever so sinisterly.   Warnings to all holding time, holding company. The moments decimated by remains, The moments punctuated by loss, [...]

Revelry Montage

Thwarting the charge of saddening silence is a new sanguinity. Heading towards a vortex to illuminate the veils coolly, heading onward a Hungarian arcade, basking in a wishy-washy western factory, the haberdashery. Whatever causes torsion in the poems of my form persists only in the lost side of my inner self as a shriveled memory. [...]

Mistress Heroin

The actor out on the loan had earned himself a mistress from around the funeral grounds. Peyote was bedding the wildness of the soil on the day of blooming grief, budding in every casket, in the glisten of every colored iris and butterfly wings breaking at the hold of barefooted angels. All this and the [...]