Dim Haven

A reckless mind in a restless body, he seeked answers. 
In the beginning it was about the end, 
In the end, it became about his start. 
He dove heart first into the sea, 
His knees grew in neap tides, 
and he rose an illuminating height. 
Gazing at the blazing vapors of water, 
And unapologetic. 
It seemed a vehicle. 
To disappear, 
Into the wild, wild blue. 
And he gently turned and pushed back the hands of the sea, 
Aching to embrace him, 
And he divided waves with his fingertips, 
Parting currents, 
To reach the shore.
Then he heard the quiet whispers of the fluttering waters, 
And he listened closely, 
Connecting the words into a glistening circuit, 
That sparked and powered a fluctuating sequence of his answers. 

There was a story; a mystery under the flaps of each time, 
And he would slowly exhale the dust fastened to it, 
As he lived a life, 
And as he stood with himself, 
When he searched for happiness. 
Then he would know,
Where his solace flows. 

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It's all a matter of rust and shine, to serve a distinction between to have and to have not.

50 thoughts on “Dim Haven”

    1. I like very much the mix of verb tenses in the last verse.

      All other verses are in the past tense. The water invades the last verse with its particular qualities: very old and still there in the future offering possibilities. Lived and searched still in the past tense because those activities began in the past’

      and would, would which is, as we know, the expression of the future: desire, will and persistence.

      Really wonderful, Watt. Sarah

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      1. Thank you! I think human beings should separate from memories, and attach ourselves to our imaginations, for it contrasts the probabilities of the past with the possibilities of the future. Desire, will, and persistence are the way.

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      2. Is it possible that we only have our imagination because we have memory? And that memory plays a role equal to our will in moving us to action.

        I can see, however, that it is our willful manipulation of our memories – our deciding which to keep, inflate, or disregard, which shapes our decisions and the form of our lives.

        I have restricted my intake of movies – in cinema, on the TV, online – and of ads for years because I found it difficult to prevent the suggestion of how I could and should be, should behave from infecting my actual memories, on the one hand, and my own going-forward thinking – desires and will – I
        on the other.

        It’s the shiftiness of memory that has bothered me.

        And now comes news that we carry also some of the memory of the actual history of our DNA forbears: Epigenesis….

        Your words evoke thoughts and thank you! Sarah

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      3. It is most certainly possible, because imagination is often a construct of our experiences, and experiences leave memories. So, maybe reflection upon these play a equal role to our will in moving us to actions.
        In any shape, size, form what we know becomes factorial in what we do, also what we think we know. The disregard is towards the things we don’t know are unknown. A beyond behind the surface.
        I agree, memories are shifty, often blunting their edges to fit comfortably into our minds.
        Thank you very much, Sarah. Its an honor to receive appreciation from you.

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  1. I need this glistening circuit, generating all the questions and all the answers for everything I ever needed.
    β€œIn the beginning it was about the end,
    In the end, it became about his start.
    He dove heart first into the sea, β€œ

    And those lines are just like the experience of reading these words, as deep and beautiful as the sea.

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    1. Thank you very much!! I actually thought of you writing “heart first into the sea”. Reminds me of your skillfulness with words, and how you make them bloom.

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      1. Ok, firstly, that is an incredibly nice thing to say, you have no idea what that means. But, secondly, did we not just agree to not hijack our compliments of each other’s work by complimenting the other person in response?? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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  2. Well, and mysteriously written. Of course poetry, without having to translate it into answers or questions, is a nursery rhyme. Or worse, tedious.
    At first I thought he wanted out of the vicious cycle of life. Then I thought he was finding a new life. Finally, I think he is living his life best he can.

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    1. I think everyone is living their best life but in limited capacities. As soon as we recycle the vicious cycle of our life into our own vehicles, we cross the roads easy and alone, all with our own desires.

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