Guessing Gaps

Remember how it used to be, 
Holding the world in arms, 
Not rustling finger against it,
And like all your best friends did,
You would look at the world with grit, a soulfulness that could never fit
Now that time's gone. 
But it isn't wrong to speak with what your skin keeps,
What crawls thru the synapses and reaches you mountaintop head, 
Setting its flag of feeling on a proud pedestal. 
But maybe desire lives fast, dies young, 
And your feet creep thru the yards for some days, hide behind the sun rays. 
So, you can raise your gaze to the night when it lasts, the day is adjusted into your life. 
Sparks soar and collide, 
Dreams drive thru the highway, 
And your tragedy is more than home,
Here's to comedy that stood thru the night's shades. 


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It's all a matter of rust and shine, to serve a distinction between to have and to have not.

22 thoughts on “Guessing Gaps”

  1. This is magnificent,
    β€œNow that time’s gone.
    But it isn’t wrong to speak with what your skin keeps,”

    So much to hold onto in this poem, a reflection on time and hopes and dreams. I felt swept up in it.
    So lyrical with the use of rhyme embedded within. I loved the final line too.

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  2. This is brilliant. Such powerful imagery. The line ‘and maybe desires lives fast, dies young’ as well as the last line especially caught me. And though not exactly seeming, the rhyme scheme is really interesting when reading the poem out loud. Really, this poem deserves to top the list for the great poems ever written, or at least, be read by everybody once in their lifetime as a life-changing experience.

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