Underneath the soaring sky, the Svengali above making sure that his baby earth remains, rumoured to kiss an apocalypse soon with its body writhing in polluted hotness. The Svengali hanging earth high on a rocky noose in his garden of intergalactic quackery. The hospital downward on the bones of earth, released Jim into an ironically brisk atmosphere.

He predicted the architecture of the day, in the end he wouldnโ€™t lose something as good as himself. The thrill of chasing, and escaping, and falling had withered because he rippled too fast, the water probably waded and gave way for him to flow down bars, and clubs, to pavements and avenues; hospitals. Nothing seemed so loosely suicidal to him than to have fences closing in on him, blinding him with grass greener in a more calmer way than his eerie self-destructive greenery. What was so profoundly found as to keep him Collected. Untamed. A freak.

The thought of running after and beyond the end of this plateaued life, where his time had been poured out of a Corona bottle, and his soil was Marlboro ash which flowered deception and imperfection, was jumping in and out.

He captured his feet and dared them to trek the steps to a bus stop, and deliver himself to any mountainous region. The rocks opened and hailed him in, the breeze pushed him to carry the weight of his body forward and submit to the summit. Soon, night drew in closer, magnified by the stars, the darkness was fondled in the eternal distance, and the moon threw up light at the clichรฉd romanticism. As hours sailed by, he extracted a sheaf of prescription bills from his pockets, and unintelligibly etched with his nicotine stained fingers: Iโ€™m exploring a third dimension, a sturdier perspective to hold out all hills, and trees, and not be a one trick pony, no million dollar mountain, but a traveller of infinity.

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It's all a matter of rust and shine, to serve a distinction between to have and to have not.

80 thoughts on “Trailer”

    1. Sarah used an emoji? ๐Ÿ™Š
      Thank you so so much!!!! It means a lot to me. You never said that, and I don’t feel that I am. As I said, I’m a traveller, a passenger of infinity, as we all are.

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      1. I like it when people do what they think they should, asking questions all the while, and – I like this particularly – paying no attention to the answers. I have grown anxious about the conformists… My heart award for this.

        Have another – an airplane – so long as you continue flying! ๐Ÿ›ฉ. No, no, a rocket: ๐Ÿš€


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      2. Although, you still haven’t responded to that question I asked about the broad statements. I was eagerly expecting long passages from you in answer. Where is the enlightenment, Sarah?

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      3. I have resent all 4. If you have a Spam file, you might check that.

        I wrote the comment above thinking that you had studied my eloquence and rejected it. But even if you had not read it, I recognize that you know what I am talking about and that you are not rejecting or accepting but continuing on your way.

        Which is why my heart award.

        Also, what is with the monkey?


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  1. This feels very cinematic, as your title suggests, like a trailer to a movie. Vibrant visuals, the main character larger than life, expansive, wary of the romantic cliches and on a mission that would not be complete without a pack of Marlboros to accompany.

    Iโ€™m thinking โ€œplateauโ€ by nirvana as a good soundtrack for this.

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    1. “Cinematic” Wow. That is sich a beautiful way to describe this. And I’m honored that YOU characterize it as a movie. Because. Just because. It’s unreasonable how much that means to me.
      Also, I hope you don’t mind me using ‘nicotine stained fingernails’. Stole that from you.

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      1. Iโ€™d happily sit and read this with a tub of popcorn beside me. And I donโ€™t think you stole anything off me, I thought that those words were yours. But anyway, steal whatever, Iโ€™ll only be flattered ๐Ÿ˜‚.

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      2. Me too. Always. Sometimes I force myself to stay awake, God knows why. I guess it’s freer, when there is so much space. Everyone is asleep, no chips fall where they may, and all I hear is music,-Transatlanticism, Sideways and what not.

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  2. I love your style. It’s so descriptive and unique. I feel like some writers hide behind poetics, but you seem to confront it openly. You do use a little shadow and a little screen, but I guess that’s what modern poetry is about. Respect.

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    1. You know, I’m real proud that he has no wrongs to right, except for his own self. And his own self is just packed in a bag of his skin and bones. I hope he does explore, and I do hope he finds this dimension, or at least survive being lost in the search.

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  3. “Know thyself.”
    ~The Oracle of Delphi

    That should be easier than
    truly knowing someone else.
    If it wasn’t for the Pan’s
    Labyrinth hidden below the
    surface of the Pandora’s Box,
    hidden in the bottom drawer
    with yesterday’s socks ๐Ÿค”

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  4. Sorry for being late, Watt. Late is not my thing, but..

    I read this and .. Haha! What a brilliant piece of writing. You managed to scare me and turn my evening up side down, which makes this piece doubly brilliant. I feel like that Corona bottle is buzzing in my ears. I can taste the Marlboro ashes. I hear the noise coming out from hospitals. The word suicidal comes and goes.
    “the Svengali above making sure that his baby earth remains” Of course, the Svemgaly is the demiurge. He is deception and imperfection. Why would we pretend that we are better than him?
    Oh, but my dear Watt, you are not carrying this brilliant madness till the end for “Iโ€™m exploring a third dimension, a sturdier perspective to hold out all hills, and trees, and not be a one trick pony, no million dollar mountain, but a traveller of infinity.” Traveler of infinity… here comes the world’s redemption: the traveler of infinity. And like it or not it seems to be you.

    What a gorgeous piece, Watt. What a gorgeous piece.

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    1. Late may not be your thing, but you make it sound so intriguing. This comment runs deep, its like a valley that reverberates in my mind, and I can’t stomach that you thought of this as greatly.
      “Brilliant madness” is maybe what lights the boulevard to eternal nightshade.


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