Cross-Stitch Quilting

Fluorescent moon, and I’m on a glowing castle over hollowed park benches, gaping at the dull, red street signs that lapse between the distance of a burnt iron statute, over cobbled roads, and the bookstore wherein to purchase Fahrenheit 451 or Rilke’s letters to a young poet, and to imagine a directive in all that, an illusion, building about me.

Shifting forward, shuffling thru the shelves, the lampshade was lit, and I sensed the closing and walked back once more. The walk is full of desire, on the concrete bones of this city, and the Starbucks has shuttered away, dimming the lights to a flickering agony, and I can graze my mind to a different day. A day modeling laughs, and passion and people, all of which can forget me, as time goes by, but my memory saunters and sashays in front of me like a spotted leopard that’s never been a paid a day in his life, but he’s got the fire and he walks with it.

With the reveal of my mind, I can propagate myself to that iconic moon, and laze around the town, with the violent flare of sun that will drop like hippie acid within the wait of a rest, and the weight of a silk-root deepening, dipping and burying itself onto my cold body, making me warm, keeping me comfortable until sleep.

So, in conclusion and consequence all I wanted was nothing, the good, dreamy, mainstream kind we all think about, when we’re stressing in deception, and ascension of perfection, meeting in touch, and another fate. I wouldn’t lie. I won’t make a sound.

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It's all a matter of rust and shine, to serve a distinction between to have and to have not.

45 thoughts on “Cross-Stitch Quilting”

  1. I love this, and feel as well that there is a story behind that photograph that I would love to know. The images in this are stunning, the fluorescent moon and the castle, and the leopard and the sauntering. But I love this part:

    “Shifting forward, shuffling thru the shelves, the lampshade was lit, and I sensed the closing and walked back once more.”

    I know there are more vivid images in the poem and probably more core elements, but this part spoke to me. The double take, the searching.

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    1. The woman in the photo is Lana Del Rey. She was, in my opinion, the most beautiful woman if the world from 2012 till 2014, and then again in 2016.

      I’m glad that the images spoke to you this time. I feel very unoriginal and uninspired these days. I feel that I broke thru in this one. Thank you!!

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      1. I did not realize that was Lana del Rey. She is beautiful, and incredibly talented.

        Inspiration ebbs and flows… it seems to have its own force that is difficult to intervene in! I think you have written some epic poems in the last while. Don’t get discouraged!

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      2. I always love reading conversations between you too. 😊And I second InMindAndOut on the writing front. And I love Lana Del Rey! I was obsessed with her music a few years back and still play “Video Games” on the guitar every now and then. Such a cinematic style and honeyed voice she has. Oh yes and beauty. 😍

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      3. I love her so much, and you!! I feel like I have found a community on here, there’s you, In Mind and Out, David Redpath, Ash Douglas, Sarah Abraham, saynotoclowns, short-prose-fiction, the incomparable NZain, Charlie Zero and I am so very happy that I have them, and also that all of you intermingle and there’s a certain connectivity here. I really love that!!

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      4. Not other than seeing their lovely comments on yours and Rachel’s blogs… but yes that way they do become more and more familiar!


      1. You know how some people grew with Bob Dylan, not just under his music. There’s a certain attachment there which you cannot deny, and that person delete being distant, becomes a part of who you are. Lana has been that for me. I’m not like some of her hardcore fans, but I believe she has something to do with the way I am.

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      1. I think this is the first I’ve seen you use an emoji, suits your trend. And thank you so so much for loving my comparison. It’s a very great feeling, when people you enjoy also enjoy you. ☺️

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      1. Oh gosh you are sweet! Just think about how many more bloggers you have to acknowledge—we’ll be here all day! And I was just funning. 🙃

        Watt, you are an inspirational poet and a kind person! And I don’t feel left out at all! Always, I enjoy reading your work—and the comments too! I am humbled and happy to be a part of this community—there is a place here for everyone…
        I call you friend, my friend. 😊

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  2. This quilting image has me intrigued, and the ending of this piece.
    And I wish there were more hours in a day so I can ponder this all some more.

    Awww and thank you for the mention earlier about community, that really moved me!

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  3. The photo of Lana Del rey and the prose poetic write behind this is phenomenally beautiful and packed with so much imagery.

    I love this line as well: ” when we’re stressing in deception, and ascension of perfection, meeting in touch, and another fate.”

    Man, you my friend have a way with words like no other. 🙂

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