Open the Gaze

“It is always the worst possibility. Pieces of me know my truth, but my entirety is lost. I keep moving forward, and wish that another morning will bridge the gap between worlds, something that starkly stalks thru the handles of my latest mistakes. My bed devours me, I have no place to idealize, and at first the meaning seems lazy, while the infancy of my devilry consumes my mind, inward and fleshly, I’m darkly paralyzed in an insatiable story of fumes, my eyes are gazing badly my shoulders and my lips escape to sea, whispering, shushing and hushing, quieting. Back in the perceptions that I had of today, I was pacing the arboreal floor, completely fulfilled, and not asking where the time had been, where did it go? My hope would hat my head, my dreams would sound like a speaking friend, and my shirts would cradle my chest to funny sleep. So, what happened? What did I do? Wasted time, wasting heart, skipping the acts and illusions, stealthy catches of attraction that strips the rules of honor, but quips about the convenience of home.”

44 thoughts on “Open the Gaze

    1. Now, hear me out. I don’t mean to be greedy, but I really want you to read “Heavy-Metal Hour”. 😅
      I really think it’s the best thing that I’ve written.


    1. Just made the thrash dash
      … to Heavy-Metal Hour
      from an interrupted transmission
      of the Hour of Power 😎

      “Yea, heavy and a bottle of bread
      It’s a one-track town, just brown
      and a breeze too
      Pack up the meat, sweet,
      we’re headin’ out
      For Wichita in a pile of fruit
      Get the loot, don’t be slow,
      we’re gonna catch a trout.”
      ~ Robert Zimmerman

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  1. As English is not my mother-tongue (and also not that easy at a certain level), I sometimes listen more to the melodies you are creating by the multiple words in order to imagine what you really could mean 🙂

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  2. I love the imagery you chose it looks like a Colorado river view I’ve seen. Your words remind me of how I felt listening to my Pa talk about his thoughts and feelings. He always seemed to be tossing his thoughts about like you. I like this a lot 🙂

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  3. This feels like a realisation of desires, hopes and dreams. Sometimes they feel within reach, sometimes not.

    Pieces of me know my truth, but my entirety is lost. I keep moving forward, and wish that another morning will bridge the gap between worlds…

    Beautiful and so accurately expressed.

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