Every time I Close my Eyes

Hold down the dawn,
I’m going back,
I’ve lost my escape,
I’ve forgotten to end my odds,
I’m unfinished. 
Hold back the sunrise,
I haven’t realized the elevated senses,
I’ve scattered things idle,
I’ve loved loose;
Found myself a million miles away, 
Touching fingers against pink mist,
Hovering above the horizon,
Wearing nothing but sunlight,
Which disappears as I drift further.
And all I know, all I learnt
Is what I remember; 
The last look, the weary world, and the blinding noise. 
And I couldn’t say too much because no one could hear. I am unfinished.

But off I go,
I bow my head before the starry sky,
Before midnight,
Before the dusky dawn.
And disappear into the howling infinity, in floundering views and wild blue…


  1. for the pleasure of reading these lines I allow myself to continue, — while life is keeping me as much as possible in dreams, the dreams are keeping me as much as possible aroused

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        1. I’m too much or not enough of many things. But I generally like to think I’ve got good taste 😂. And I promise you, I don’t just say the things I say about your writing because I’m kind or too kind or not kind enough. I genuinely mean them.


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