Everything Forever

Sometimes, you just have to move.
Even if it frizzes your hair
If it frazzles your body,
But it excites your soul,
And it fizzes your hours,
It beats your exasperation into cheers,
And you are freed into polished arms while your feet sweep the creaky wood.
Then you laugh, amid and atop the dance of bright lights.
That’s just what you do.

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It's all a matter of rust and shine, to serve a distinction between to have and to have not.

81 thoughts on “Everything Forever”

      1. Why would I mind you changing your words to mean exactly what you think and how you think it? I would only mind if you changed your words to appease another, or me.

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  1. I just removed, cutdown, moved and reinstalled two desktops I built in 2006. The larger desktop weighs about 200 pounds. In 2006 I build, handled, moved and installed the desktops by myself. Today, even with the help of a staff member, we really struggled to lift and move the desktops together. I’m frizzled, frazzled, exasperated and creaky. I’m amazed that 13 years ago I could handle a 200 pound desktop by myself with relative ease, and today, I could hardly move it with help. Not much excitement from my soul, simply, slowly fizzing out.

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      1. Maestro: you know that, as mouthy as I am, I cannot know the answer to this question.

        It is the word ‘should’ that bothers me. It implies that you think you might be stepping on ground which is either sensitive or maybe controversial or apt to be misunderstood. Or something.

        You can see how much people appreciate what you write.

        I love this short. Longer, I would probably still love it: why wouldn’t I?
        It is a marvellous piece.

        And yes, it does feel like a prologue.

        ……….Unless I pick up a vibe where you are going out on ground of which you are not certain. Either in style or in substance. Which will open you up to something you were not expecting and did not want.

        If I pick up that vibe, I am going to be………..well, apprehensive.

        Poet, I am sure you understand me? But what do I know?! Going on and on as usual!?



    1. Exactly. Have you seen Cold War? Its a Polish film from 2018. I haven’t told anyone but the dancing sequence in that inspired this. If you have time you should definitely watch the 2 minute dancing clip. 😁

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      1. I love it. I am most inspired by dance and scenes that I see they stir something and remind us of what we knew but forgot, maybe. I added this to my watch list the entire movie. I love foreign films. 🧑

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      2. Oh me too and it’s a love story as well. I watched the movie last night! I noticed it was nominated for 3 Emmy awards which is nice. I think the scene you spoke of is the best scene in the movie! πŸ™‚

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      3. Aww darn I think that’s what makes them so wonderful is that they only last a short while but the memories are ever lasting! πŸ™‚ Good luck acclimating yourself back to work. πŸ˜‰

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      4. I had to comment on this one more time…I’m known for my break out dancing. My daughter always tells me to stop which causes me to dance more. Life is too serious I think πŸ™‚ We should dance more! πŸ™‚

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  2. And, if you were asking in what way this piece holds its own to be worth, even, expanding: I would say that it does that

    by its short length;
    its cadence which is towards a tango with short steps and then longer flourishes. In fact, immediately I went and looked at Carlos Saura’s tango on the UTube. Exactly a tango.
    the tight connection between opening and closing lines which makes every other line coherent;
    its exuberance which – as Silent Hour noted above – is connected with the letters ‘f’ and ‘fr’ . These tend towards exuberant explosion in English, as you know, and are not quiet.
    And the meaning which relate to sensations and activities and sudden urges with which many people can identify becasue they have been there. Dancing whether for real or down a street or in the house, alone.

    And finally, Poet, the knowing and authority of your opening and closing lines are a relief. Something clear and nothing to shun or to be afraid of. What a change in general in this world full of ambiguity and general nonsense to be avoided…… A relief.


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    1. My question was if people would like to hear it, you for example. I was going to expand it anyhow, but in case people wanted to read that, I would publish that. I’m profoundly found these days. Reassurance is just sprinkles on satisfaction. πŸ˜‰


      1. The longer my response, the less clear to me your original question, Poet.

        I think you should, all of you, post what you will.

        The neuroscientists are saying that before ever we are conscious of a decision we have made, before ever we say something, or do something, there is activity in the brain to show that all of these thoughts, words and actions have already been anticipated And have been expressed neurologically.

        Just saying.

        I am profoundly found is one of the most wonderful phrases under heaven. There now: to ever increase the number of spaces in which one is profoundly found is a proper goal of a life. No, poet?!

        It is why I read poetry: it guides, it clarifies, it moves the mind and dances the soul and the feet. But only sometimes….Poet.


      1. I’ve kept rocks as a rememberance. But I have to forget the rock in my heart, the weight that keeps me from remembering only the good times, and the closing lip of the Italian land’s kiss.

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    1. I think I’m past that section where I thought your poems were like Ginsberg. Honestly, you might just be a little better. I know that statement is debatable, but I think of your poems in the terms of your own style and not his. Not anymore. 😎

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      1. I very much appreciate that.
        Like yourself, I am led to write.
        Held captive by an irresistible compulsion.
        I never minded the comparison.
        I’ve long been hooked on the best of
        Generation Beat 😎

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