Ululating Passage

I suppose everything on earth has an extraterrestrial meaning. 
To leave, first you have to stay. 
And to say it’s never too late, you have to be right here. 

Life, a free fire, freewheeling I, gambling doors of a home in the dark night,
barefoot roaring through the glisten of bright lights, 
with the premier of escaping circling my eyes,
and my eye sockets giving bed to sunglasses,
and my shoulders blanketed by leather jackets,
and there is a beautiful feeling, there is that, to sing off the din of doubt
and to raise a thousand whereabouts, in the newspapers. 
Beneath the grounds on which I venture though the quiet darkness,
the prospects start whirring, begin rattling to welcome me.
And I ride through their palpitations, I ride through their excitement, I ride through the danger, I ride towards a stranger. 
I promise. I promise.

The magazine tearing of grief, happiness, coffee cups, and lushly layered advertisements, follow me through this closing verve. They can keep up.

  • To Sarah Abraham

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It's all a matter of rust and shine, to serve a distinction between to have and to have not.

30 thoughts on “Ululating Passage”

  1. From barefoot and footloose
    to grief stricken howling
    Down a passageway of espionage
    Life stuck in newspaper montage
    or freewheeling upon the verve
    of beautiful feeling
    The moving hand forever dealing

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      1. I like when I need a dictionary to look up words-Din. β€œ…din of doubt”
        Of course now I’ve got this in my brain while trying to write my next line! Ha! Thanks for sharing your thoughts here. Inspires…

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  2. The greatest, most sensuous honour of my life, Poet.

    Smiling, smiling. And what a beautiful piece!

    I cannot even recall how I came across your work but this continues the extraordinary luck of my lucky life. And I agree with whoever of your readers who hoped that you are moving, in your own time, towards publishing conventionally. So that when the big notice start coming in, we can say we knew you when…..

    Thank you! Sarah

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    1. Thank you so much Michelle! By the way, since you’re an artist, I think you may like the photographs of Tom Plevnik. He is incredible. I’ve used his work for so many of my pieces- Keep Making Me Guffaw, Agony Fiend, Peyote. I hope you like ’em.

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      1. Oh wow yes I have been admiring your illustrations. I really love a good illustration. I like to create them and then let the words flow. I love when you find an image that flows with your feelings of words. I’ll check out Tom. Thanks so much for the recommendation 😊

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