Aftermath, Backwash

The sky is of sapphire ice drops, the crowd is worried
All the things I have, I have in the bruised memory,
I ought not hurry to the ride, to the raining sunshine,
But as time goes by, I hit and run the mountain and azures, 
In the pale fire, the grinning moonlight, and settle on a journey. 

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It's all a matter of rust and shine, to serve a distinction between to have and to have not.

7 thoughts on “Aftermath, Backwash”

  1. A gem.

    The oddest – loveliest – aspect of your work is that often it is a concentration or distillation of something whose context and sources are verging on uncapturable.

    Here you have achieved this tension and resolution in five lines ‘Only five lines’, I can say although I did take note of ‘But as time goes by’ because I imagine that these five lines were not as easy to write as it would appear to someone like me who does not write.

    It is wonderful, Poet. Sarah

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  2. Well, this sings to me, as a runner. I am looking to the sky for rain, snow, sunshine… I am looking to the path, the trees, mountains, hills… Then, I settle in for the journey. Will it be one of tranquility, where I’m just taking a ride? Or will it be a purging? Or… will it be an uphill struggle, where questions are seeking answers, or answers are embraced, or questioned yet again? Your words bring me to a tranquility, as well as to a longing. I have left something behind, and your words urge me to seek it. For that, I am grateful. Truly.


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