Agony Fiend

“And I will never speak again. Under the oath and influence of a strong McGinley epiphany and the sounds of ululating wind in the middle of the canopied trees, I can’t survive stilly. The world is bendy and twisty and sick and murky while I’m restless, I’m reckless, in a state of pensive impersonation. And I will never speak again. Not from the heart, not from the lips, not from the attention. And I will never speak again. Not of the cloudily fluffed beard of the sky, not of the Freudian climate of old minds, not of the rude chef on the high coasts, not of the cases at the high courts. If you can’t think of your next move you’re on the which way lost and on a deadly roundabout to the roadhouse diner, where food is filled with poison and drinks blessed with the earthy spit of a failed romance. Inky, wicked and sparkly cavalcades marching in squares to show their compassion for the other sides, but I have control on my side, on my side of the sunken district of deep-dyed detachment. And I will never speak again. Not to you, or Charles Bukowski or even a heroin chick. Schools of balladry, schools of medicine, and institutions of shiny dirt atop pillars with inscriptions in confusing letters to confuse the heads of kids meant to take lightly the distress that flows from expansion- sanctuaries of blackness falling off themselves into erosion, into illusion. And I will never speak again. Not in the crescent-shaped regions of the Riviera, not in front of the palisades, not in the lifetime of my brave systole, never in a little room. Heady, steady and race to the eternal burn. And I’ll run away. Come on, come on, come on, come on. And I’ll run away”

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It's all a matter of rust and shine, to serve a distinction between to have and to have not.

23 thoughts on “Agony Fiend”

      1. I was kind of thinking that this may be one of my better works among a sea of average or bad ones. Thanks for backing me up against myself!


  1. The most skilled of your pieces which I have read, for sure.

    Perhaps that is because you you have been more careful to bring us along with you. So I haven’t had to struggle as much to be with you until the end of the piece And I have wanted to be with you, stumbling a little even so but not so much.

    As to how you achieved this: I can’t be totally sure but…. you placed two stakes in the ground. I could hold onto them. I didn’t need to because, as I said, you were careful throughout the piece take me with you. The first was the ‘I can’t survive stilly., That gave me notice that the journey was to begin and why.

    The second: ‘I have control on my side.’ Good, I thought, I can hold onto that if need be. It turned out that I still did not need to.

    And I take it that the reason for that is that your metaphors, similes and allusions in this piece are pointing to fields and scenes and experiences which either -in the main – I recognize or can recognize if I let go the discipline which I customarily hold. And in this work I can let that discipline slip because you have shown you have control and have so said.

    Then there are the repeated ‘Come ons’ at the end where we are in the position of being able to judge whether we want to be commanded to anything. A very evocative command. Belongs equally to children as to prophet poets.

    Then also the inverted commas at beginning and end (I don’t recall them from your other writing). We are being addressed and I am sensitive to every sign written or drawn. We are all despite the sometimes pretense that we are not. Otherwise, why make any mark?

    ‘And I will never speak again.’ The thread sewn through this text. Binding the text but not winding it tight, tight.

    An incantation, Watt? A pleading? Because how does a poet stop himself (her) from speaking?!

    A very skilled text. Thank you. Sarah

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    1. Actually I use the double quote thing often. I used it for my other better post ‘An exhibitions of Trials”. It helps me to bind the whole work together and prevents my words from getting scattered. Once again, this was the highlight of my day. Thank you!!

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  2. ¨ If you can´t think of your next move you´re in the which way lost and on a deadly roundabout to the roadhouse diner…¨ That stuck out to me.
    What a flow of magical words. As another commentator said, brilliant.

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  3. Very good work here. I enjoyed it so much, I read it a second time! You really are an adept at weaving words together, creating a rhythm and flow. And I love all the literary devices you have thrown into the mix. Well-done!

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